Bengok Craft is present at IKEA JGC

Bengok Craft, a local business from Semarang district was able to expand its products to several exhibitions. As in the Teras Indonesia event organized by IKEA, the largest furniture manufacturer from Sweden.

Teras Indonesia invites curated craft SMEs to promote their products in the IKEA space.

This time, Bengok Craft had the opportunity to display its products at IKEA Alam Sutera on March 6-19 2022. Not only that, in the next period, on 20 March – 20 April 2022, Bengok Craft also has the opportunity to display its products at IKEA Jakarta Garden City (JGC).

The products you can find there are various water hyacinth creations such as sandals, bags, hats, books, baskets, and others that are very interesting to take home as your souvenirs.

The event which starts from 10 AM to 9 PM local time is very open to the public. While shopping for furniture products or dining at IKEA JGC, you can also visit our booth at Teras Indonesia and purchase our creations there. Our creations are very unique because they use 100% materials from water hyacinth, so our products are zero waste. In addition, in making our creations, we also involve the community around Rawa Pening in the hope of empowering and improving people’s lives. So, by purchasing our products, you are participating in sustainability.

Teras Indonesia is a space organized by IKEA to promote and introduce local-made products. In this event, IKEA collaborates with government organizations, including the Ministry of Cooperation and SME (Kementerian Koperasi dan Usaha Kecil Menengah).

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