Bengok Craft’s artisans created water hyacinth crafts.

Bengok Craft is a community empowerment business that processes water hyacinth into various crafts. The business that was founded in 2019 came from Kesongo Village, Tuntang District, Semarang Regency which is one of the largest water hyacinth producing areas. This is because the area is very close to Rawa Pening.

Seeing the potential of water hyacinth scattered in Rawa Pening, Bengok Craft took the initiative to process it into water hyacinth crafts. Firman Setyaji, CEO of Bengok Craft, has begun to actively empower the local community to produce water hyacinth creations.

We always empower the community around Rawa Pening in this sustainable business ecosystem”, said Firman Setyaji, CEO Bengok Craft at IKEA Alam Sutera (03/18)

Then do the local people already have special skills in making water hyacinth crafts? Of course not all of them. Among the 15 water hyacinth craftsmen, there were several craftsmen who did not have this skill at first.

Water hyacinth artisans, both skilled and unskilled, were initially gathered by Bengok Craft for socialization. In the socialization, Bengok Craft made people aware of the potential of natural resources and also the potential of the people of Kesongo Village. Bengok Craft realizes that water hyacinth is a huge potential in Kesongo Village.

The socialization carried out by Bengok Craft is by cooperating with the community of water hyacinth artisans. This is done in conjunction with simultaneous training activities. The socialization was provided by Bengok Craft, while the training on making water hyacinth was given by Bengok Craft, which was assisted and led by the water hyacinth community in Semarang.

This socialization and practice continue with other activities that can increase the creativity and innovation of the artisans. As a result, artisans are increasingly trained to make water hyacinth crafts.

Not surprisingly, Bengok Craft strives to create its newest products that can be called out of the box. The products it produces have penetrated into various markets, both local and export markets.

Bengok Craft’s success in developing its business, of course, starts with collaboration with related parties. Bengok craft is not only looking for personal gain but also considers environmental, social, and economic aspects.

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