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Bengok Craft as one of the water hyacinth craft businesses continuously produces various kinds of crafts ranging from fashion-based and home decor-based. Fashion-based products include bags, sandals, jackets, wallets, and others. Meanwhile, the available home decor-based products are baskets, boxes, pots, vases, and so on.

As its products have unique value, Bengok Craft creations certainly have a very long process in their production, starting from water hyacinth harvesting, water hyacinth sorting, water hyacinth drying, water hyacinth processing, and finally product finishing.

The processes carried out by Bengok Craft which involves owners, farmers, and artisans are of course carried out carefully so as to produce quality products. However, there were some unexpected things that happened beyond expectations, such as the condition of the product arriving at its destination being different from the condition of the product when it was delivered.

Like an order from one of Bengok Craft’s partners who ordered 150 boxes some time ago. Some of the products are not proper. This is because the delivery is too long so that the condition of the cardboard becomes damp and damages some of the products.

In cases like this, Bengok Craft continues to prioritize customer satisfaction by returning and replacing products. There are products that have been refinished twice and some have even been replaced. In addition, return and return shipping costs are also fully covered by Bengok Craft.

In order to prevent humidity which triggers the growth of mold, Bengok Craft in this order also provides a can of clear finishing which of course can be used for product maintenance.

Thus, customers continue to get our products with excellent quality and of course more and more quality. So, don’t hesitate to purchase Bengok Craft products!

We are also open to critics and suggestions that can improve our quality. Please click

By purchasing our creation, you’ve participated to support better environment and community development.

Bengok Craft, Turn Waste, To Save Planet

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