Bengok Mask Connector worn by our customer
Credit: IG @bengokcraft

During the current pandemic, business trends are shifting. The health support equipment is a priority for the community, such as medicines, medical equipment, and so on. One of the health support tools during a pandemic that is increasingly popular is masks because wherever we go, it is a requirement when wearing a mask in public spaces.

However, masks are not always worn because at certain times we inevitably have to take them off, such as when eating, drinking, or taking photos. When removing the mask, some are completely removed, lowered at the neck, or using connectors. However, removing the mask by lowering it to the neck area is not recommended because there are still viral and bacterial particles that are still attached so they are still prone to spreading.

The only way that works best is to use a mask connector. With the mask connector, we can remove the mask safely because it is hanging on.

Today’s mask connectors are indeed very widely found in various forms. But did you know that there is one mask collector that is different from the others?

Yes, it’s called Bengok Mask Connector. The mask connector from Bengok Craft is very unique because it employs water hyacinth as the main material. The dried water hyacinth is then woven in such a way that it forms a well-organized pattern. Then at the end of each connector is equipped with a mask strap hook. With a touch of muted color, it adds to the appearance of being more elegant, looks more aesthetic.

If you are interested in purchasing this creation, you can click on the following link


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