Bengok Craft is an attractive business for customers because it produces unique and creative products. Its products are made from an aquatic plant called water hyacinth. The plant, which has the Latin name Eichhornia crassipes, is processed into various crafts such as fashion, accessories, home decor, and others. No wonder these unique products often get orders from customers throughout Indonesia and even abroad.

In February, we even saw products that were excellent for customers. Judging from our offline sales through our shops and online through the marketplace, we listed the 3 best-selling products during February. What are they?

– Bengok Slipper

Bengok Slippers are sandals that are strong and durable. This is due to the material made of water hyacinth. These make sandals more eco-friendly because they use natural materials. The durability of Bengok Slippers is approved. Since the material comes from aquatic plants, these sandals are resistant to water.

In addition, these sandals are also very suitable for use on steep terrain because apart from the water hyacinth material, these are also coated with anti-slip rubber. This material also feels comfortable on the soles of your feet.

Bengok Slippers have variations. The models available include “Japit Batok,” “Japit,” “Japit Wiro,” “Selop,” “Selop X,” and “Selop Double.”

– Bengok Totebag

Aside from Bengok Slipper, Bengok Totebags are also preferred by our customers. Bags that combine water hyacinth weave with jeans have several models that can be selected based on customer preferences. There are Bengok Totebag Goni, Bengok Totebag Small, Bengok Totebag Var 1, and Bengok Totebag Var 2

The treatment of this bag is also uncomplicated because you can wash it and then dry it, similar to other kinds of bags. It’s no wonder that this unique bag with simple maintenance is highly targeted by customers and became Bengok Craft’s best-selling product in February.

– Bengok K-style Bag

Bengok Craft as a producer of fashion products, always follows the trendsetters in society. It is undeniable that Korean style is now a preference for young people. Korean style emerged because of the influence of Korean fashion. This led Bengok Craft to create a K-style bag. 

This bag has its own uniqueness because it combines the concept of feminine, minimalist, and versatile Korean fashion with traditional, unique, ethnic, and rustic Bengok Craft fashion. The Korean style lies in using a white strap that is beautiful and looks very feminine, very suitable for women. The two straps have different functions. The short strap is used for handbags, while the long strap is used for sling bags to adjust it to various occasions. As it combines elements of local and Korean styles, it’s approved that the products are one of the customers’ preferences.

Those are the best-selling products during February. Which one is your preference?

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