A slipper can is considered a necessity to support your life. When you want to go out of the house, a pair of sandals is necessary. Even at home, we sometimes need sandals to be used in every corner of the room.

Even today, sandals are becoming a trendsetter among young people because sandals are a necessity and a lifestyle. Slippers on the market today offer a variety of designs and shapes that vary. The materials used in making sandals are also out of the box, like natural materials. Apart from these things, of course, what we prioritize is the quality of a slipper.

A slipper with high quality is a slipper with high efficiency, namely slippers that can withstand any conditions or survive in all-terrain. You can consider choosing the good slipper for one of the Bengok Craft creations called Bengok Slipper.

Bengok Slippers are sandals that are strong and durable. This is due to the material made of water hyacinth. The plant with the Latin name Eichhornia crassipes is a plant that grows in swampy areas. So, these sandals are also environmentally friendly because they use natural materials.

How about the durability? Is it resistant to water or steep terrain?

Of course, because basically, the material comes from aquatic plants, these sandals are very resistant to water.

In addition, these sandals are also very suitable for use on steep terrain because apart from the water hyacinth material, these are also coated with anti-slip rubber. This material also feels comfortable on the soles of your feet.

Therefore, these sandals can pass through steep terrain such as rocky and muddy roads. In addition, these sandals are resistant to all conditions, such as in the dry season and the rainy season.

Grab Bengok Slipper at a very affordable price. These sandals are available in various sizes from children to adults. In addition, the models also can be adjusted to your preferences. There are models such as “Japit Batok,” “Japit,” “Japit Wiro,” “Selop,” “Selop X,” and “Selop Double.”

Dare to try? Try and prove it with your own.

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