Bengok Craft sends its products to ITPC Osaka

In product expansion plans, Bengok Craft always tries to enter export markets from countries that have never been penetrated before. After its expansion to several countries such as Singapore, UAE, and Italy, Bengok Craft is trying a new market in Japan.

Bengok Craft will display its products at the Tsuruya on 27 April-1 May 2022. Tsuruya held an In-store promotion event 2022, which applies the retail concept (B to C) by displaying artisan products and creative products such as batik, fashion, accessories, jewelry, and bags. Some will display packaged food and beverage products with a legal permit in Japan. In-store promotion participants are from several countries in Asia, such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, and Korea. The Indonesian booth was named Indonesian Fair, while the rest were included in the Asia Bazaar.

Tsuruya itself is a department store located in Kumamoto Prefecture. The reason for choosing Kumamoto Prefecture is that most of the population are elderly/senior citizens who were previously active workers and are currently enjoying retirement. Generally, these retirees have more budget to enjoy their old age and buy unique and creative products.

The presence of unique bengok craft products because they use water hyacinth as the main material is expected to invite customers, both diaspora and local communities in the Kumamoto prefecture area,

Firman Setyaji, Owner of Bengok Craft

In its expansion to Japan through in-store promotions at Tsuruya, Bengok Craft is facilitated by the Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) Osaka in collaboration with the Tokyo Trade Attaché. Bengok Craft has passed the selection through product curation before finally having the opportunity to promote its products at Tsuruya. The products marketed are best-selling and most demanding, including home decor products.

Bengok Craft is a craft business that processes water hyacinth into a valuable craft. Apart from that, in its efforts, Bengok Craft also empowers the surrounding community in Semarang Regency, Central Java by involving them in creative spaces to produce these eco-friendly crafts.

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