In the last few decades, we have accumulated that climate change already showing. The world is in the position where the greenhouse gas leads to a scarcity of resource and loss of biodiversity.

Some daily activities that can lead climate change are current patterns of production and consumption that are not sustainable. Eco living has to be the proper way to reduce climate change toward a sustainable life. Not only a way for climate change, eco living becomes a necessity in the society. Eco living which means living with environmentally friendly have a good impact for our earth. The focus of eco living is in the efficient of using energy, water and building material.

            In the eco living concept, we can do several steps to save our earth. One of way in the eco living concept is recycling. Recycling means reduce the demand for raw material. In recycling we can reduce the mining, quarrying, or logging. It’s really helpful for our earth because mining, quarrying and logging activity can destroy the natural environment and wildlife habitat. Another way that we can do in eco living is upcycling.

In upcycling, we can originate a new product creatively reusing an object. That’s what makes upcycling different from recycling. We can find the example of upcycling in Bengok CraftBengok Craft also known as up cycling eceng gondok or water hyacinth. As we know, the growth population of water hyacinth is quite fast. The population of water hyacinth can be a danger for environment if it is not taken care properly. Bengok craft provides very useful products such as home décor, bag, slipper, hat, etc. All the products are handmade and also a sustainable products.  Buying a sustainable product can help us to protect the environmental in our earth.

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