As a craft business that has penetrated the export market, Bengok Craft continues to strive to scale up export knowledge by participating in export preparation activities. This activity was carried out for two days from 14-15 February 2022. The agenda carried out in Surabaya involved many institutions such as Customs,  Central Java and East Java Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprise Office (Dinkop UKM Jateng & Jatim), Indonesian Export Company Association (GPEI) Central Java Bank (Bank Jateng), and the East Java Department of Industry and Trade (Disperindag Jatim).

Like East Java Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprise Office opens a space for synergy and collaboration with trade missions, this can be done through top-down policies starting from the MoU between policymakers. Furthermore, it opened a training and mentoring room, also collaborated with institutions, state-owned enterprises, and the private sector to participate in support to accommodate the most MSMEs in Indonesia. East Java Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprise Office also innovate digital marketing development, such as OPOP and various marketplaces, and absorb MSME products by creating e-commerce government to buy local products.

Meanwhile, from the Central Java Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprise Office, his party increases the opportunities and opportunities for MSMEs to be able to export by providing support from upstream. In addition, it applies 5K (Quality, Capacity, Continuity, Consolidation, Collaboration) in implementing export preparations to be able to compete in the global competitiveness.

The East Java Department of Industry and Trade will build a business ecosystem by accommodating curated MSMEs and bringing together potential buyers through business matching, synergize with business associations to increase market expansion for MSMEs, and provide training and export assistance through the Surabaya Export Center, which can be a reference for consultation, networking, and related learning export process.

The Indonesian Export Company Association (GPEI) on the other hand, will help accommodate MSME product innovations and help market them according to their market segmentation.

In accordance with its field in serving customs, customs try to protect business actors by providing consultation and assistance in the export process

While Central Java Bank (Bank Jateng) is a trusted credit channel for MSMEs, it will provide benefits for MSME pension funds, both for entrepreneurs and their workers in one of its products. In addition, it also promised to provide a higher interest rate than time deposits, which is 6% per year.

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