Firman Setyaji was monitoring the drying of water hyacinth around Rawa Pening

Firman Setyaji, a son of the region from the Semarang area who built his hometown through the business of processing water hyacinth raw materials into various creative crafts.

Starting from his return to his hometown in the village of Kesongo, Tuntang, Semarang Regency, in 2019. At that time, he saw the potential of water hyacinth which was abundant in his area, which could still be increased in value to become a creative craft interested by millennials.

About Bengok Craft

“Bengok” in the local language around Rawa Pening means water hyacinth.

Bengok Craft is a people’s business that not only raises the economy of the people in Kesongo Village but also has a social and environmental impact in the village. The products created by Bengok Craft include aprons, tote bags, cellphone cases, and slippers.

Community empowerment and improving the standard of living of farmers

The use of water hyacinth has actually existed since he was a kid, but only limited to drying water hyacinth and then selling it outside the area to be assembled into crafts.

Seeing the economic condition of water hyacinth farmers which tends to stagnate, he also had an idea to increase the selling value of water hyacinth by inviting people from women to village youths to become water hyacinth artisans.

Initiating the conservation of Rawa Pening Lake

Lake Rawa Pening, located in Semarang, was used by local residents to find fish, while when Firman returned to his hometown, the lake was covered by water hyacinth, disrupting the activities of fishermen whose boats could not cross the lake.

A year after Bengok Craft comes with one of the missions to build awareness for Rawa Pening lake. This effort has succeeded in attracting the attention of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry to carry out a massive cleaning of Rawa Pening Lake.

To execute, just DO IT (Doa/Pray, Ikhtiar/Effort, andTawakal/Leaving everything in God’s hands) and remember to PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, and Action)

Firman Setyaji, Founder of Bengok Craft

Retrieved from: Ayo Naik Kelas
Translated by: Ritya Rasta Bilqiis

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