In a tropical country like Indonesia, there are two seasons, namely the dry and rainy seasons. The dry season usually occurs from April to October. Therefore, in February, we are struggling with the rainy season.

In facing the high amount of rainfall, we should prepare everything, including keeping the house clean and comfy. After traveling outside, our slippers and shoes often get wet due to rain. Not infrequently, our feet become wet. Thus, before entering the house, you need a mat to absorb water and last a long time.

Bengok mat can be one of your preparations due to the rainy season. Bengok mat can be placed outside or inside your home. Bengok mat suitable for your needs in dealing with the rainy season is a square Bengok Mat.

Bengok Mat has its own uniqueness because it is made of eco-friendly materials, namely water hyacinth, which is dried. Natural materials like this are really easy to absorb water, so they are suitable for cleaning your wet slippers or shoes. The edges covered with jeans material make the mat look much more aesthetic. This mat has a variety of sizes, ranging from 1 meter up to 2 meters. In addition, you can also order the size you want.

If you ask whether this mat is waterproof or not, Indeed, the answer is yes. Since water hyacinth is basically an aquatic plant, this mat is not susceptible to water. If the mat is wet, you need to dry it, and it’s ready to be used again.

For your information, Bengok Mat is not only available with a square shape. Bengok Mat also has a round shape and is perfect for decorating every corner of your house, such as the living room, family room, and dining room.

Bengok Circle Mat
Credit: Shopee Bengok Craft

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