Astaria, owner of Bengok Craft at Tribun Jateng

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To attract local residents to be willing to learn to make crafts and think about maximizing the natural potential around Lake Rawa Pening, her homemade products are marketed to several coffee shops in her village.

Astaria admitted, the main purpose of marketing products by targeting the surrounding environment is none other than so that people are intrigued by the economic potential of water hyacinth to become handicrafts.

So far, when sold wet or dry, the results are at risk of farmers or pickers not proportional with the wages they obtain, not to mention the safety of life is also at stake.

“Why so? If the boat’s load is too much, it is possible that the boat could turn upside-down. In addition to the water hyacinth’s load being scattered again, it is most dangerous if the farmer or laborer has also rolled over and was hit by the load because this has happened, even though the person is still safe,” she said.

Seeing this phenomenon, she hopes that from the business she started, there will be a water hyacinth craft center in Kesongo Village.

Regarding the initial production process, she continued, she learned how to make crafts through social media Youtube until then he was actually able to produce dozens.

Until now, Bengok Craft has more than 90 handicraft products made from water hyacinth, starting from books, hats, sandals, boxes, baskets, and various other souvenirs.

As for the worker, from the beginning it was done by herself, since 2019 there have been around 15 artisans for the products they sell, starting at Rp50,000 to hundreds of thousands.

“Praise be to God, apart from actively participating in exhibitions and competitions, we have now been able to export abroad. Some of the countries that have become Bengok Craft’s export destinations include Singapore, Dubai, Italy, and Spain. Next year we are trying to enter Japan yesterday and asked for samples of our products to be sent. Then, from a monthly turnover of five million rupiahs, it has now touched hundreds of millions,” she explained.

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Translator: Ritya Rasta Bilqiis

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