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Firman Setyaji was originally a graduate of Criminology from the University of Indonesia. However, this time, he has succeeded in becoming an exporter of water hyacinth handicrafts to four countries. The man, an alumni of the Central Java UKM Training Center and one of the participants of Hetero for Startup season 1 is worried about the piles of water hyacinth that fill Rawa Pening. Since left unchecked, it will harm the surrounding ecosystem.

Currently, Firman collaborates with 15 artisans and tailors to process water hyacinth products, all of whom are local people from Tuntang District, Semarang Regency. It takes about a year to export its products to various countries, starting from Japan, Singapore, Dubai, and Italy.

According to Firman, Bengok Craft’s products can be worldwide due to many factors. First, water hyacinth is unique compared to other commonly used raw materials. Processed water hyacinth is not easy to break, not easy to mold, and comfortable when used.

Written by: Balatkop UKM Jateng

Translated by: Ritya Rasta Bilqiis

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