Have you ever heard the word “imagination“?

Indeed, it is already familiar, but do you know the meaning behind it?

According to Morr (2018), creativity is the ability to think or behave in ways different from what others have done before and come up with fresh and unique ideas, techniques, or items. Creativity is thus a form of our thinking in the form of imagination. Imaginations formed from human thoughts are very different from each other. It is not surprising if imagination in creativity is always unlimited.

In fact, creativity is not merely a process of imagination. However, there are efforts to make it happen. Lobell (2018) explained “creativity” comprehensively that transforming your ideas, thoughts, and ambitions into reality is what creativity entails. Therefore, creativity shapes our thoughts and implements them in the real world.

In creating valuable products, for example, our creativity in imagination can be about designs that have novelty value. Then, the ideas regarding the design are poured into real life by making them with a sense of intent, resulting in a finished product that matches his imagination.

Bengok Craft creations are the result of creativity that goes beyond imagination.

Why so?

Bengok Craft’s creations are originated from the thought of Firman Setyaji, a man who had the idea to make a different craft than ever before. The idea was motivated by problems in his hometown, at the Rawa Pening area where water hyacinth grows massively and is detrimental to fishermen. Then, he turned it into an opportunity. Instead of water hyacinth, which is usually just a weed plant, water hyacinth is made into a valuable craft.

Firman Setyaji visited the water hyacinth drying area
Credit: @juliosteffanus

Starting from creating products that have never been made before, such as cellphone cases from water hyacinth, it turns out that these products have succeeded in attracting people’s attention. Thus making water hyacinth craft owners continue to innovate in their products.

Until now, the creation of water hyacinth from Bengok Craft has created more than a hundred products, ranging from fashion and home decor products.

Bengok Craft creations at Tanglin Mall Singapore

“Through creative hands, we process water hyacinth into valuable crafts,”

Firman Setyaji, CEO of Bengok Craft

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Author: Ritya Rasta Bilqiis @rityarb

References: https://99designs.com/blog/creative-thinking/what-is-creativity/


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