Bengok Craft’s home decor products
Credit: Triawanda Tirta Aditya

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Entering Foreign Markets

In pioneering Bengok Craft, Firman really empowered the local community, from farmers, tailors, to artisans. It took him about a year to develop his business to be able to penetrate foreign markets.

Currently, apart from being sold in Indonesia, his water hyacinth products have been sold to a number of countries, including Japan, Singapore, Dubai, and Italy. Meanwhile, in Indonesia, he has also started exploring cooperation with a number of institutions, including Bank Mandiri and Bank Indonesia.

This collaboration (with Bank Mandiri and Bank Indonesia) allows us to participate in exhibitions abroad; there is also a system with a sale or consignment system,” he explained, brushing his slightly long hair. “A month there can be 30 transactions, each transaction sells about five products.”

According to Firman, his products can be empowered abroad because the raw materials are quite unique and very rarely found there. Processed water hyacinth, he continued, is comfortable to wear, doesn’t break easily, and rarely gets moldy. The price is also quite affordable.

We sell products ranging from Rp. 10 thousand for bracelets to hundreds of thousands for bags and jackets,” he admits.

The process of making of one of the water hyacinth products at Bengok Craft
Credit: Triawanda Tirta Aditya

Stick to Quality

Even though he sells his products at prices that are quite comfortable on the pocket, Firman doesn’t want to sacrifice quality. He admitted that he always controls the products made by Bengok Craft to ensure the best quality so that buyers are tempted to come back.

This was acknowledged by one of Bengok Craft’s loyal customers, namely Ria Rahmawati. One of the products that she really likes is sandals made from water hyacinth. In addition to the unique shape, he also praised the creativity of the product.

If you wear sandals with other materials that are common in the market, it will feel too saturated,” said Ria, who admitted that she felt comfortable with the soft water hyacinth texture on the surface of the sandals she bought.

Ria revealed that she felt more confident wearing these quality products. He even felt proud because he could come up with this export quality local product.

Yep, as Firman Setyaji said, a good life must be able to provide positive energy for other people. If you are, what positive energy are you currently trying to channel, Millens?

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