Bengok Craft as one of the largest water hyacinth craft industries in Semarang Regency has various creations, ranging from home-decor creations to fashion creations. No wonder, if their creations have expanded everywhere, even reaching export markets in several countries such as Singapore, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Italy.

You can certainly discover these competitive creations in our gallery. Here, you can catch sight of our creations, including Bengok Bags, Bengok Vase, Bengok Box, Bengok Pillows, Bengok Books, Bengok Slippers, and many others. You can even discover our products that are really unique and creative, such as one of them is Bengok Helmet.

Bengok Craft Gallery is very open for those especially those who crave to be acquainted with our products. Here we have almost entire products.

You may invite your beloved family or friends to visit our gallery at Jalan Fatmawati No. 8, Sejambu, Rt 02, RW.05, Ngreco, Kesongo, Tuntang, Semarang Regency, Central Java 50773. Our gallery is at Tuntang because it is very close to our production site, which is around Rawa Pening.

In addition to visiting our gallery, you can visit our production site directly, starting from the water hyacinth harvesting process, drying process, to the process of making handicrafts with local communities.

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Bengok Craft, Turn Waste, To Save The Planet

Author: Ritya Rasta Bilqiis

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