Bengok Craft as a community empowerment business certainly involves many parties, one of which is local artisans who turn raw water hyacinth into a variety of unique and creative crafts. At the first time, Bengok Craft only employed 5 artisans. However, as time goes by, Bengok Craft currently has 12 artisans. All of them are certainly coming from Rawa Pening, which has abundant amount of water hyacinth.

Our pioneer craftsman is Mr. Budiman. Mr. Budiman is indeed high skilled in making crafts, especially water hyacinth crafts. It is not surprising that his creations are undoubted.

With his expertise in making water hyacinth creations, Mr. Budiman feels assured that his water hyacinth crafts can be promoted and sold at a reasonable price. However, Mr. Budiman is confused about how to market the products.

Until finally, Mr. Budiman engaged Bengok Craft who bridged his creations with the customers.

“With the presence of Mr. Firman Setyaji as the owner of Bengok Craft, the craftsmen like us are greatly supported because we can create more creations so that we can improve the standard of living, especially for us as a local community.”

Mr. Budiman, a local artisan

Apart from experiencing the increasing standard of living of the community, Mr. Budiman was also provided with supporting facilities such as machines and tools. Not only that, Mr. Budiman was also given training on product development by Bengok Craft.

Currently, his family is also following Mr. Budiman in creating water hyacinth because of the high demand from selling this craft.

It is hoped that in the future there will be more empowered people like Mr. Budiman’s family.

Author: Ritya Rasta Bilqiis

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