Indonesia is one of the largest exporting countries. Many of its products are spread both from the oil and gas sector and non-oil and gas.

How is export growth throughout 2021?

Source: Kemendag

As seen in 2021 (Jan-Nov data), its exports amounted to 209.16 billion dollars with an annual growth of 42.62%. This indicates export growth during 2021 is a surplus compared to 2020. Despite being hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, Indonesia’s export growth still exists. This increase in exports must be maintained until the following years. Is it possible?

It is still possible if it is supported by additional export commodities, export socialization activities by government and non-government institutions, and affordable export costs.

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Indonesia as a country with abundant resources must be taken advantage of. it is often found that many commodities in the area have not been utilized optimally. Even the price of these commodities, when sold in the market, is very cheap. For example, raw water hyacinth in Rawa Pening which is sold per bunch is very cheap. When processed into useful crafts and exported, the price will be much more worthy. Actually, the goods that are exported do not have to be processed first. There are so many raw products or raw materials in Indonesia that are exported, such as woods, vegetables, fruits, and others. Therefore, interest in exports must be fostered by local communities.

When interest in exports has emerged in the community, it is necessary to have support from related parties such as the government and other institutions in providing training concerning exports. Besides that, it would be better if they were given easy export access so that there would be more interest in exports.

Export execution requires a fairly complicated process because they have to deal with inflated export costs such as high container costs lately. The government should be able to reduce container costs so that the export atmosphere will grow positively.

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