One of the Bengok Craft’s product is Bengok Pillow, which is ready to inject into the export market. The need for home-decor products is increasing in the market. People begin to decorate their homes to make them comfy.

Bengok Craft as a handicraft made by water hyacinth follows the trend. Bengok Craft produces many kinds of home-decor products including vases, baskets, boxes, pillow, carpet, and more.

One of the Bengok Craft’s products that is on high trend is Bengok Pillow. Bengok Pillow differs from other pillows. Bengok Craft’s Pillow is made from water hyacinth plait and Jute cloth. This creates the same tone all the whole pillow. Inside the pillow is made by dacron so it is really comfortable.

If asking what kind of Bengok Pillow is, Bengok Pillow is actually a decor pillow. Therefore, this pillow has a rough texture coming from the water hyacinth and Jute cloth. It is suitable to be placed in the living room, as a decorative pillow. Instead of a functional pillow placed in the bedroom for example.

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