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New Year, Bengok Craft creates a new resolution. One of which is through expanding the export market. Why do we focus on the export market?

Ethnic and rustic crafts are in great demand abroad. This is in accordance with the products owned by Bengok Craft that the water hyacinth craft products are still very natural and still maintain the authenticity of the color.

Bengok Craft’s export market is specific. Although it does not rule out exports to European, Asian, African, and Australian countries, Bengok Craft wishes to try to market its products to America, especially to the United States.

Why the United States?

It is because handicraft products, especially home decor, have become a product trend in the country. Bengok Craft also produces very varied home decor crafts, so it is very suitable when focusing its market on the US. Another reason is that the US has a very large region so it is hoped that its market share is also substantial.

The main home decor product that we will try to export to America is pillows, but also can be other possibilities.

Firman Setyaji, CEO of Bengok Craft

Bengok Craft’s willing to export its products to America is certainly supported by several parties, one of which is the Ministry of Trade through “Aku Siap Ekspor” (ASE) program by providing export training to the furniture industry.

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