2021 Wrapped Up

In this new year, Bengok Craft new hope is already established. Certainly, Bengok Craft’s resolution wants to be a better business. As a local business that cultivates water hyacinth into valuable crafts and fashion, Bengok Craft wants its products to be more widely known by the public, both in Indonesia and other countries around the world.

In Indonesia, there are more than 10 outlets spread out over cities including Semarang, Salatiga, Magelang, and Jakarta. Moreover, Bengok Craft actively participates in events such as exhibitions organized by hotels, tourism, and government institution. Hopefully, this year, the reach of the target market is getting wider in line with the national economic recovery due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the export market, Bengok Craft has successfully reached many countries including Singapore, Italy, and United Arab Emirates (UAE). Hopefully, this year, Bengok Craft’s products are available in more than countries beforehand. After in Asia and Europe, Bengok Craft’s also has a dream to expand its products to America, especially in the United States.

Products that are increasingly widespread in the market certainly benefit all parties apart from Bengok Craft. For example, from the side of farmers and craftsmen who will be more and more empowered. From the customer’s point of view, they will be more familiar with this eco-friendly product which is safe for the planet. Besides that, tourist attractions that collaborate with Bengok Craft will also feel a positive impact because they can attract visitors. The last but not least, this business development also has an impact on national economic growth.

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