Bengok Craft’s new logo

New Year New Branding? Why not?

Bengok Craft is committed to improve business, one of which is through rebranding on the new logo. The new-look is certainly more meaningful because we care values inside it.
As we are business engaged in the fashion handicraft industry from water hyacinth to various crafts, our main identity is maintained. Similar to the previous one, Bengok Craft’s logo is consisted to illustrate water hyacinth. However, this is more detailed. Our new logo used water hyacinth leaves representing the main raw material. Its shape similar to an inverted heart goes hand in hand with each other in a plaiting pattern.

A plaiting pattern also creates values. It represents tradition passed down from generation to generation and as a reusable symbol, meaning that Bengok Craft strives to produce eco-friendly products as always.
Furthermore, a plaiting pattern is shaped circular. The circular shape also interprets the meaning that it has no beginning or end or continue. Hopefully, this business becomes sustainable, and more and more people are involved and feel the impact of this business.
Rebranding in 2022 is not merely a logo, we decide to create a new tagline, which is more than just Upcycle Enceng Gondok.

What is it? Stay tuned for the next article.

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