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Ramadan is a really meaningful month especially for Muslims because we fast for a full month. Hereafter, Muslims will celebrate Eid Al Fitr, where we usually gather with our beloved families. As we know that Eid is different from the previous years due to the pandemic. Thus, we may not be able to meet face-to-face with our families. However, we can still make the day seem special for them. One of them is by sending hampers to our family and colleagues.

The word “Hampers” has become a trend lately. Hampers are not only related to Eid but also related to various occasions like birthday party, wedding party, etc. Hampers is a gift in the form of food or goods wrapped in a basket.

Considering that Eid is coming soon, this time hampers are suitable to be used as a gift. Hampers now come with very unique variants, apart from the wrapping, the products inside hampers are also attractive.

Do you know if there are hampers that are different from the others? Indeed, Gayeng Roso is the answer! Gayeng Roso provides hampers that support local products by Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). Inside of the hampers, you will find unique products such as foods even crafts. One of Gayeng Roso box used water hyacinth box from Bengok Craft. Really interesting, isn’t it?

Gayeng Roso is available into several packages:

Gayeng Roso 1 (Rp.150.000):

– Talenan Motif

– Abon Bandeng

– Kunyit Jeruk Nipis

– Jusika

– Bumbu Gulai Ayam

– Elbina Stik Labu

– Keripik Jamur Kuping

– Pasta Bawang Merah

Gayeng Roso 2 (Rp.230.000):

– Bengok Craft Box

– Bawang Goreng Simbok

– Black Garlic

– Abon Kelapa Cap Koki

– Keripik Jamur Ducrija Mush Chi

– Tempe Chip

– Kue Semarang Yuta Original

– Jenang Kudus Mubarok Durian

Gayeng Roso 3 (Rp.320.000):

– Bengok Craft Box

– Yanbu Sarung

– Hijab Square

– Sajadah Tenun Ratu

Gayeng Roso 4 (Rp.325.000):

– Bengok Craft Box

– Mug Natural

– Cangkir Natural

– Masker Tenun

– Keripik Salak

– Coconut Palm Sugar

– Lanting Oven

– Kopi Lima Rempah

– Kue Semarang Yuta

– Mie Ongklok

Gayeng Roso 5 (Rp.460.000):

– Bengok Craft Box

– Hijab Square

– Kain Tenun Ratu

– Bebek Lebaran

– Mangkok Motif The Scraft

Gayeng Roso 6 (Rp.595.000):

– Bengok Craft Box

– Kopi Lima Rempah

– Abon Sapi Cap Koki

– Carica

– Coconut Palm Sugar

– Bawang Goreng Dapur Rasa

– Bawang Goreng Simbok

– Elbina Stik Labu

– Sate Ambal 10 Tusuk

– Jenang Kudus Mubarok Mocca

– Jahe Merah Aren Racik Sewu

– Kue Semprong Yuta

– Black Garlic Bonggol

-Roemah Boedin Lanting

– Kacang Tabur Liz Kitchen

– Kopi Tempur

– Bumbu Rendang

– Tempe Chips

Gayeng Roso 7 (Rp.835.000):

– Bengok Craft Box

– 1 Tea Set Naruna Ceramic

– Sarung Yanbu

– Coconut Palm Sugar

– Kue Semprong Yuta

– Kopi Tempur

By purchasing these hampers, you are participating in supporting MSMEs that are currently struggling to exist. Gayeng Roso hampers are initiated by Bank Indonesia and Central Java Province. If you are interested, you can order through WA +6281 1290 5357. The maximum date of order is on 9th May 2021.

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We are looking forward to your hampers order, dear customers!

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