The Gayeng Event

Indonesian Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) especially in Central Java are indeed very diverse and of course, have the potential to be promoted into the export market. It is not surprising that there are still many MSMEs owners who are confused about how to bring their products to the export market. Several parties such as companies even institutions have made efforts so that local products can reach many countries. 

Bengok Craft’s Water Hyacinth Product Participated at The Gayeng Event

As Bank Indonesia, the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore, and Central Java Province do. They collaborate through “The Gayeng” event in supporting MSMEs to increasingly go International. “The Gayeng” event brings forward products from 27 MSMEs in Central Java that have been specially curated.

The Gayeng event which has the tagline “Artisan Style of Central Java” provides various MSME products, including food, clothing, accessories, home decoration, kitchenware, and furniture. MSME special products that are nourished by the soul and skill of the local artisan, who combined tradition and innovation from environmentally friendly and sustainable sources.

Here are the lists of chosen MSMEs:

Natural Living:

– Batiksoul Guitars

– Bengok Craft

– Gallery Harmony

– Imanuella Craft

– Ing Madyokusuman

– Kibti Craft

– KimiBag

– Naruna Ceramic

– The Scraft

– UD Trisna

– Vista Homedecor

Sustainably Stylish:

– Amalia Jewelry

– Batik Warna Alam Siputri

– Ina Priyono

– KainkuBiru

– Ridaka

– Rorokenes

– Uzy Fauziah

Taste of Indonesia:

– Bima Brebes

– LaRissso

– Mubarok

– Teh Paso

– Vegan Floss

– Yuta

Through the MSMEs presence in Gayeng 2021, you can look forward to the best products from Central Java to fulfill your business sourcing needs especially during these unprecedented times with the global pandemic. You can visit Gayeng event from 16 April – 23 ay 2021 at Suntec City West Wing #01-353/354. We are looking forward to seeing you.

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