As explained in the previous post, the IFEX 2021 Exhibition is the largest furniture exhibition. Even though this time it was held online, this exhibition was still as lively as the previous exhibitions because this year, IFEX invited more exhibitors. There were more than 50 exhibitors who joined including Bengok Craft. Bengok Craft is a community empowerment-based business that processes water hyacinth into various kinds of crafts.

To visit the Bengok Craft booth at IFEX 2021, the easy steps below can be a reference:

1. Visit

2. Click Virtual Expo menu on the main page.

3. Then click “Visitor” menu

4. Then, create your account by typing your full name, email, password, confirm password, contact number, and company / institution name.

5. Then click  “Register”

6. Check your email notification for verification.

7. After that, please login to IFEX 2021 account by typing your email and password.

8. Click “Login”

9. Successfully, you will be directed to the virtual expo, then click “Entrance”

10. Then click “Exhibition hall”

11. Click “Exhibition Hall 4”

12. Find out “Bengok Craft” and click it.

13. You can see our profile, our products, our profile video, and our contacts.

These are the steps to visit Bengok Craft Virtual Exhibition at the IFEX Virtual Expo 2021. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the IFEX Virtual Expo.

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