Hello Sobat Bengok, you all have already kept in mind that bengok craft is a community empowerment-based business that cultivates water hyacinth into various crafts. As long as this business was established, many parties participate in the sustainability of this business, some of them are water hyacinth craftsmen and farmers.

A local farmer drying the water hyacinth

Do you know that Bengok Craft has totally 15 local craftsmen who help in cultivating water hyacinth into crafts. However, during COVID-19 pandemic, the number of craftsmen has decreased into 5 craftsmen because the demand for handicrafts product has decreased significantly. Fortunately, thanks to the support of Sobat Bengok who adopted our product, we are finally able to re-employ 15 craftsmen.

Talking about craftsmen, this small business which has the big dreams used makloon system. Makloon is a Dutch term that is commonly used to define a way of doing business by looking for manufacturers to produce products to be sold to customers.

Therefore, the presence of the craftsmen is very important to facilitate the production of handicrafts. The craftsmen who are empowered by Bengok Craft are people in Tuntang Village, Semarang Regency which consists of the family groups.

One of Bengok Craft’s Craftsmen, Budiman Family

Let’s keep supporting our local products by adopting high-quality handicraft products. By adopting our products, you have participated in community empowerment.

Bengok Craft, Upcycle Eceng Gondok

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