Mask Donation to a Health Clinic

Hi Sobat Bengok, pandemic indeed limits our activity, especially in terms of face-to-face meetings. We are urged to stay at home like doing our activity or work from home. These limitations also certainly have an impact on economic growth, especially in micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME). 

Like Bengok Craft, this creative economy business based on community empowerment cultivates water hyacinth into various crafts decreased in sales during the COVID-19 pandemic. We continue to maintain this business continuity by selling alternative products that are currently being the essential needs.

In addition to water hyacinth crafts, we also produce masks that are affordable to buy, which is IDR 3.000/pcs. This mask is a type of cloth mask that has a unique pattern like using batik pattern and other patterns. It is also available in hijab mask and non-hijab mask, so you can choose based on your needs.

This mask can not only be used for personal needs but can also be used for donations to people in need by ordering wholesale masks. Certainly, the masks that were donated were distributed to health clinics in need around Semarang. Several health clinics that have received mask donation, namely Health Clinic dr. Bramasto – dr. Yulia Kesongo, Tuntang, Kab. Semarang, Bawen Health Center, Gedangan Health Center, Cebongan Salatiga Health Center, and so on.

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