Hello Sobat Bengok, do you realize that our target market is not merely only the local market but also the global market. By 2021, hopefully, we can enhance our market to many countries around the world. Since 2020, we have already cooperated with several institutions including ITPC (Indonesian Trade Promotion Center). By person, we have also reached our customers around the world. One of them is Gigi, our customers coming from Japan.

After adopting bengok craft products, She has their own impression of our products. Let’s take a look at her testimonials on Bengok Craft.

Gigi, a lovely customer from Japan

So, the first time when I saw this product, I was really surprised. This is not only about the design they impressed me (through the creation) a lot. This product is by handmade also it’s really useful, so I really like it  I bought (them) a lot. I will give these to my friends as souvenirs”, she said while showing off the bengok bag product.

Furthermore, she also persuaded people to support Bengok Craft products by buying them through its Instagram account.

Based on her testimonials, we can see that Bengok Craft is concerned with the quality of its products because it has successfully transformed water hyacinth waste into useful goods. Bengok Craft, a small business that has big dreams, of course, has a target that the wider target market that can be reached is not only local but also global. Through its creative products, it is hoped that it will increasingly reach the entire world as the special product from Indonesia which can be used as either souvenirs or personal collections.

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