A pandemic occurs when a new virus which is Covid-19 causes a global outbreak of disease. Some government and public health official urge us to do a social distancing and not going anywhere which is stay at home. Many people are wondering about that issue, they wonder what they should do when they just stay at home and prevent the spreading of the virus.

Most people are freaking out when the outbreak occur. The first thing to do is don’t panic and stay calm. Then you will find some pandemic survival kit in this article.

Soap and Handsanitizer

Of course sanitation is the main thing to prevent the spreading of the virus. Try to avoid touching things as much as possible. Yet after you touched anything, keep your hands clean with washing your hands frequently using soap. Wash your hands with soap at least for 20 seconds to kill the virus.


Preparing some food and other essential needed to survive is important to stay alive. Some food that you can buy to stock up are frozen foods and canned goods because it easy to find and can be save for a long time. But don’t forget to consume a good food such as vegetables and fruits.


When you are doing quarantine in pandemic outbreak, the health of your body is the priority. Not only consume a healthy food, vitamin should consider to be consuming. If you don’t currently take some vitamins, this outbreak time is the best time to start. Vitamin can help to fulfill your nutrition that required in your body.

First Aid and Emergency Kits

Doing a quarantine means you are not going anywhere to avoid the spreading of the virus. How about if you feel some minor illness? Then you can look towards getting a good supply of medicine. Hand pain relievers, cough drops and cough syrup in the first aid kit box can helps you to minimize of going outside.

Items that can keep you sane

Being in home for a long time and can’t go anywhere can be a trigger for someone to be stress and anxious. You can keep some items that you like to be with you while quarantine. Include some items you need to stay sane while stuck at home with your kids, roommates or spouse. Consider some hot coffee and chocolate.

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