Summer is the season between autumn and fall. It is the best weather for doing a holiday things. It is also the warmest season in the year. People agreed that summer is the best. There are so many fun activities to do in summer time. Trying a new things and trying a new food would be the great things to do. So many places that people would like to come. Beach, swimming pool, park are the places that will be full of people. People really like to stay outside than inside when summer comes.

            There is also summer fashion that fit for doing outside activity. Indeed it will make you looks great. Wearing all white, denim, loose shirt, and beautiful dresses are the fashion that people want to wear in summer time. Don’t forget to add small touch into your fashion summer looks to make it more awesome. Wear a best bag would be the best item to add when you try a summer looks outfit. Natural water hyacinth bag from Bengok Craft is the best choice bag item for you. It is made from a dried water hyacinth plant. As we know water hyacinth is a kind of water plant that can spread itself so easily. This plant can be used into various products such as bag, basket, mat, etc. Bengok hand bag and Bengok sling bag is the cute item to add into your summer outfit. It has a long and small strap. You can wear this bag to go a summer vacation, go to the beach, even just a walking tour of a city. It would be the best item in your summer.

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