The quality of sleep can affect on the health of our body. Position of sleep can be considered as a quality of sleep. But what if you wake up with a shoulder pain? There are several factors why you feel a shoulder pain because of sleep.

The bed is either too soft or too hard

If you have an old bed which the middle is sagging, then you have to buy the new one. The old bed will lead you to feel pain and discomfort in your shoulders and back when you wake up, because the spine on the bed takes on an unnatural position.

The mattress

The important and essential thing that you need for a good sleep is the mattress. Hence, the wide range of the prices for this product. If you go to the consultant of a furniture salon and ask about the basis of comfortable sleep, they will answer it the mattress.

There are several aspects that you have to think before you buy a proper mattress:

  • The mattress is not too hard or too soft;
  • Find the correct mattress that fit with your needs;
  • The best mattress is when it can support the body and ensuring the anatomically correct position of the spine.

The head and neck do not relax

If your head and neck do not relax when you sleep, then you could be feel a ‘neck numb’ phenomenon. It is a symptom that often happens when your neck is hard to turn the head or when the movement is difficult and followed by pain. You can  use the essential oil to avoid the pain or consult with your doctor.

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