Stay organized wherever you are will be absolutely overwhelming especially if you live in a overcrowded place that full of stuff. You can do several things to keep your place organized such as decluttering.

Categorizing your stuff as you go through them is fundamental. Decluttering will makes you learn how to keep your home organized. It also will helps you both mentally, physically and emotionally.
Here are some tips to help you to do a declutttering:

  • Keep it or throw it
    The first thing to do to start a decluttering is you have to decide first, is your stuff good to keep or just throw it. If you confused should you keep or not, you can ask yourself with questions such as “Do I really need this item? Would I buy this item again? Does this item give a bad or good feeling?” If the most answer is no, then you should do a decluttering.

  • Start with a small decluttering
    The easier way to start decluttering is with the smallest tasks. Do decluttering with the easiest categoriez or areas first, then move to the other easiest things. This method will helps you to find the answer if you have a hard time to decide the choices of decluttering.

  • 10 minutes decluttering
    Do a simple 10 minutes decluttering will give a big result if you do it routine. You can do every day for a week to see the difference. Just get two trash bag to put which items is to clear and which items is for charity or a yard sale.

  • Keep it routine
    To make your home keep organized, you should do a decluttering routine. If you commit to keep it routine then you should finish what you start. Then you can see if it works or not.

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