Wearing a mask can help to prevent the spread of coronavirus also known as Covid-19. We wear our mask every day and every single time when we go outside and meet someone. But how can you know that your mask can protect you?

There are many kinds of facemask and it’s important to know that each type of mask has their own function and levels of protection. Modern and traditional market also provides us the variety of facemask through the explosion of facemask demand. Then what kind of facemask that you should wear? This article will explain you how you can find the best facemask for your daily needed.

  • The fit

Coronavirus can spread through droplets. That’s why we must wear a mask. Wearing a mask can prevent us from blowing our breath over other people. Of course we should the find the right mask that can prevent the spread of coronavirus.

We can know the mask is effective to wear from the fit. The fit of the mask is important. Normally, we wear a mask over our nose and chin. If the mask covers that part, then we can call it as the best mask. We also have to ensure the tight fit of the mask. Don’t wear a mask that too loose, so your breath can’t come out on your cheeks.

  • The fabric

We can find various types of mask in the market. We can call the best mask if it has three different layers of materials. The outer layer can prevent the water or droplets getting through. Meanwhile, the middle layer is papery type material, it also being the absorbent part. For the inner layer made from the tissue paper.

  • Test the mask

There is some technique of testing a mask that you can try in your home. Light a match and try to blow it up while wearing a mask. If the flame is moving , then it is not a good mask to wear. A best mask can’t even move the flame.

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