Green tea is a leaves plant that has a lot of benefit. People use it for weight loss or just drink it as a morning tea. Green tea made from leaves of the camellia sinesis plant which has full of antioxidants and amino acids.

The trend of consuming green tea makes people doesn’t know what the real benefit of green tea itself. We can get so many benefits from green tea such as weight loss if we really know how to use it effectively.

  • Green tea in the morning

There is caffeine in the cup of tea, of course for the green tea too. Even though the caffeine level in the tea is not as much as in the coffee. Consuming a green tea which has a caffeine in the morning will makes you feel energized to start the day and it will not settling down as heavy as if you take a coffee in the morning.

The best time to drink green tea in the morning for weight loss is an hour until two hours before work out.

  • Drink green tea on empty stomach

If you want to get a great effect on drinking green tea, then you should drink on empty stomach. Consuming green tea with food or on a full stomach could reduce the effect of green tea itself.

Consuming green tea an hour before your meal also could reduce your hunger. Yet, if you have some health problem with your stomach, you should consult with your doctor first.

  • Method for boil green tea

The best method of boil green tea will bring up the benefit of green tea itself. In the leaves of green tea there is catechins which is an ingredients that has a lot of benefits. The best way for boil a green tea is about 10 minutes in the water. If you tend to over boil the tea, it will destroy the catechins inside of the tea.

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