Do you know that a well organized workplace can help you to be productive for the whole day? Organizing is a crucial thing to do. You can feel motivated and also be more productive when your workplace is well organized. It also gives positive energy that drives you to finish your task effectively.

But sometimes make a workplace being well organized may be hard for some people. It also needs a skill to do organizing thing because keeping your workplace extremely clean is not easy. Yet, if you used to with organizing, it’s not hard at all.

For you who want to start an organizing, here are some tips that you can try:

  • Keep away things that’s not use everyday

If you want to make your workplace looks tidy and clean, you have to minimum the stuff in your desk. You have to store some stuff that you don’t use every day. Having many stuff on your desk will only distract you. Keep it clean and store all of them in a safe place.

  • Arranging cabinets and drawer

Arrange cabinets and drawer also important things to do when you are doing an organizing. Arrange your stuff by category and use. It can help you to grab things easily and quickly.

  • File some documents

If you are working with documents every day, you have to file all your documents because papers will pile up. You can make a different place for each documents based on the use such as documents for meeting, documents that need to response and others documents. Give a label for each place to make it easier for find it.

  • Keep hidden your cable

Cables for your computer if it is not keep perfectly will be eyesore and annoying. It also can be danger for you who work on it or other people. That’s why you have to keep it hidden. Keep the wires and cables under your desk, or you can arrange them on the wall with a nicely pinned.

  • Have a trash bin

Trash bin is an essential thing to have. It’s very helpful for you to keep your workplace clean. If you are too lazy to go out and throw a trash, you can save a trash bin near your desk.

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