Nowadays, fashion is not only being a trend, but also it can influence the people’s life. Fashion is also being implicated in construction and reconstruction of identity. People can choose their own appearance style through a fashion. Fashion shows the person personality and tells to other person who they are. Fashion is not just to cover our body, but people can decide and express what they want to be through the fashion.

Some appearance style mostly articulates multiple identities such as gender, age, ethnicity, etc. If we talk about gender, we know that in our childhood we were taught that the pink color is a girl’s color, then a black color is a boy’s color, but actually that’s not true. As we getting older, we realized that the social construct of men and women’s clothing is not the best way to recognize some gender. We should not see a kind of clothing turn into man’s and woman’s. Fashion makes every person who wear it has their opportunity to express their style. Every person also has their own style and identity.

You can choose your own style in Bengok Craft. It provides you a fashion that made and combined with a dried water hyacinth. The material that Bengok Craft use can make some unique looks. The fashion in Bengok Craft basically fit with any personalities but it also will give a special look. Wear your own fashion and express to the world who really you are.

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