In the last few decades, we have accumulated that climate change already showing. The world is in the position where the greenhouse gas leads to a scarcity of resource and loss of biodiversity.

Some daily activities that can lead climate change are current patterns of production and consumption that are not sustainable. Eco living has to be the proper way to reduce climate change toward a sustainable life. Not only a way for climate change, eco living becomes a necessity in the society. Eco living which means living with environmentally friendly have a good impact for our earth. The focus of eco living is in the efficient of using energy, water and building material.

Mostly eco living helps you to life with a home that stay green outside and inside. You can start the eco living by using a sustainable product material. Sustainable material product can be found in various products such as interior design. Living with an eco interior design can reduce a bad environment impact.

As we know that living in this modern life, all of the product usually not using a sustainable product such as plastic material and etc, which means that it can’t be recycled and may caused a bad effect to our environment, so using a sustainable and recycled material is a proper way to do an eco living life. Bengok Craft is one of the sellers which provide you some natural sustainable products. Created from water hyacinth as its main material, and change a waste of Natural Hyacinth into something that valuable such as home decoration, fashion and clothing, accessories and etc. Using a natural sustainable product is the best choice for those who want to live eco friendly.

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