A home is a living space that the people use to spend their time with their loved ones. Nowadays, the cozy and aesthetic home becomes a trend in society. People like to decorate their home as aesthetic as they can. The combining of cozy and aesthetic detail make the house feel comfortable and welcoming. That is why the people falling in love with that trend.

There are so many way that you can try to make your home look cozy and aesthetic, such as texture layering, choosing the decoration, and put in the accessories. By choosing and mixing the contrast of design elements can create the best texture layering for home. On the other hand, the preference of decoration and accessories can be so tricky. Some decoration and accessories may be has a sort of functional purpose.

Yet, there are still so many alternative way to choose the best décor and accessories for the house. In term of which decoration and accessories you should choose is focus on the simple, visual and the function. Putting on a plant, natural weave or a wood texture can be the best preference for cozy and aesthetic decoration.

You can find all the cozy and aesthetic accessories decoration in Bengok Craft. Bengok Craft provide all you need for the cozy aesthetic house because it simply made from a water hyacinth that turn into a handmade natural weave. The item for cozy and aesthetic home that you can find in Bengok Craft are Bengok home décor small box, square placemat, circle placemat, etc. Not only for the aesthetic looks, its also provide a functional decoration for the house. The preferences of this decoration will works so well to create the perfect combination of cozy and aesthetic in your home.

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