2020 is almost done, yet the coronavirus still with us. In the beginning of 2020, many people were excited about how 2020 years would go. Unfortunately, in the middle of 2020 we were attacked with coronavirus.

Most people are stressed out and trying to avoid the coronavirus. The virus forces us to stay at home and not to interact with many people because the spreading of coronavirus is easy and fast. For those people who already had stress and anxiety before pandemic, this situation might added a new level of worry in their life.

Instead of let the stress of coronavirus attack us, let’s learn how to cope with your problems in pandemic.

Keep in touch with your friend             

Keep a communication with your friend can relief your stress. You can talk to your friend what do you feel. Some people make a mistake by keeping their feelings and burying them deep within instead of tell to the others. It is a big mistake for you who have an anxiety and stress.

This is why you have to reach out to someone who can listen to you. Try to figure out what your problem and find someone who can listen to you. You can also going to therapy session with professional.

Make a preparation

If you have a feelings such as helpless and anxiety about coronavirus, you can do a preparation to maintain these feelings. A preparation such as do research about covid-19 health guidelines and buy some personal protective equipment also known as PPE will be very helpful for you.

By doing these things, you can calm your fears about coronavirus. It also can help to maintain the spreading of the virus.

Take your mind off of covid-19

The problem of anxiety comes from our mind. Sometimes, we need to find a ways to control this feeling. Find some activity such as a new hobby.

By doing a new hobby, you can get a break from the bad news about this pandemic. Doing a hobby can makes you to keep your sanity. Even though you may have to try some different activities before you find the one you like, yet it will be the worth.

After you know some tips that can maintain you from anxiety, now you have to work with it. Implementing the tips may helps you to reduce your anxiety level.

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