The developing of internet is increasing rapidly including the distribution and online transaction. Online shopping becomes a phenomena these days. The conveniency of online shopping makes it become a trend in the society.

The prevalence of online shopping has raise among consumers. Consumers prefer an online shopping instead a traditional market. It is created a need to understand how the consumers perceive an online shopping.

Consumer behavior can influence by many factors such as trust, price and convenience.


In Online shopping, obviously the consumer behavior may becomes more higher than before they knows about stuffs on the internet and do a shopping in online way. As it becomes higher, the mechanism of Online Shopping should be prepared well. As it gets on a high risk because the customer is not able to see the quality of the products or the shops which doesn’t has the salesperson, things become anonymously and feel that the trust issues may be perceived by the consumer. So, now all depends on the seller’s competency on solving the consumer’s trust issue, such as keeping the safety of the security when revealing personal data, or consumer’s privacy, as this mechanism is clearly solved, the result of that may caused a positive effect to the seller and consumer intentions.         


Internet becomes a global marketplace where the information, products and anything can easily accessible by the consumer. However on selling the products on internet, prices have been set by the negotiation after examined the product. The impulsive consumer may concern about their attitude on online shopping because of the product which they are not able to see it first. Furthermore, when do an online shopping, additional costs such as freight charges, customs or the delivery times can influence the consumer’s decision to reconsider their transaction even though the price is low.


Convenience is a feeling which you are comfortable with one purpose or need, this also the part of consumer behavior, especially when do an online shopping. The less complexity on doing an online shopping, makes the intentions of consumer behavior has an positive effect of that, as it is getting easier to able to see the products, or even the simple transaction and trusted seller can improve the convenience of the consumer behavior on doing Online Shopping.

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