Living eco friendly is not only give an impact for the environment but also give an impact for every people who are living for it. Nowadays, eco friendly living becomes a trend in the society. Everywhere you go, you will see people who let you know how eco friendly they are.

Everyone can start to live more eco friendly. If the big changes in your daily life might you feel a little overwhelmed, you can start a small changes first. Small step for us will have a precious impact for our environment. Here are five small steps that you can do to live more eco friendly:

  • Eat less meat

I believe that small changes for us will have a great impact for the environment such as eat less meat. Meat industry is actually one of the biggest industries that cause an environmental crisis. Cutting on consumption of meat can make a good impact for environment. Eating less meat and changing your meal into vegetables and seafood also good for your body. It also can consider as a diet if you want it.

  • Walking

A very small and easy step that we can do is walking. Walking can consider as the most significant change for living more eco friendly. If you get used to walking, it also will be good for your health. Instead of rent in a gym place, just walk everywhere you go.

  • Paperless

Most of a thousand trees has been cutting down to make a paper for each day. Making a paper means cutting down and turning a tree into a paper. If we talk about paperless, it is not only can save the earth but also save your money too.

  • Use canvas bag instead of plastic

The most and common problem for our environment is plastic. Plastic is the stuff that can’t biodegrade. Having a canvas bag will be very useful. It can hold more goods when you go to grocery shopping, to store and pack an items that you have.

  • Cut down on energy in home

Using too much energy in your home will give a bad impact for environment. It also takes so much money in your wallet. There are many way to cut down on energy in your home. You can start with turn off the lamp when you don’t use it. Unplug some stuff when it is not being used. Open the window to let the wind enter the room so you don’t have to turn on the air conditioner.

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