As corona virus pandemic is still spreading until now, people are encouraged to wear a mask, wash their hands and do social distancing. For those people who are exposed with corona virus, they must do quarantine. Quarantine is not easy. It can give an impact for our stability of mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Being quarantine and just scrolling your phone is not great for your mental stability. But don’t worry, you can find some ideas to do to make your quarantine more fun.

  • Try a home exercises

Even though you are being quarantine in home, it doesn’t mean that you can do some physical activity. Stay healthy while quarantine and still do some physical activity such as exercise will give you multiple benefits. You can do several exercises that can do in your house such as yoga and 20 minutes set of squad, push up, etc. If you still don’t know how to start exercise, you can watch some exercise tutorial from professional trainer in YouTube.

  • Keep organize

Keep organize while quarantine is important. A clutter sometimes can cause stress.

If you do a work from home, you should keep your work space tidy and clean.

  • Keep in touch with your friend

Mostly while quarantine, we can’t do a social interaction as much as normal day. To keep the level of social interaction in quarantine, you can reach your friend through a social media. Reach at least two of your friend and tell about what you fell can help to improve your mental stability.

  • Try to grow a little garden

If you haven’t try to grow a plant, quarantine is the best time for you. Trying a new thing will be fun. You will have so much spare time to grow a garden in quarantine. You can bring some green into your space. Not only growing a plant, but also you can get some fresh veggies and fruit from your little garden.

  • Learn how to make a cold brew at home

Drinking a cold brew can cooling and relaxing your mind. Usually we only drink a cold brew in a coffee shop, yet we can do it in home. There are many tutorials that you can find in internet.

By staying at home, you are helping to stop the spreading of corona virus. Stay at home until everything is good. If you go outside, make sure you are wearing your mask, washing your hands and doing a social distancing.

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