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by Rida Amelia Sari

Bracelet is one of jewelry that people really love to wear. Bracelet makes a person who wear it become stylist and looks great. It is really easy to pair with any outfit. Not only for women, but also a bracelet can wear by a men. Even it is becoming a universal bracelet for men’s accessories. There are many variety and type of bracelet, from casual bracelet to special occasion bracelet. Each type of bracelet has its own special meaning.

You can also make your own bracelet by yourself. DIY bracelet is easy to make. It also doesn’t require an expensive material. There are lots of bracelet material such as beads and hemp. If you want to make something different of DIY bracelet, you can choose a natural material such as dried plant. Dried water hyacinth can be turn into a unique handmade bracelet. If you don’t know how to start a DIY bracelet, first thing to do is you should know how to weave. There are so many kind of weave to create some various design.

For the beginner, you should master the basic weave. Then, if you have mastered it, you can improve your weave skill. How to make a basic weave? It is so easy if you learn it. The material that will be used in this DIY is hemp, because it doesn’t require much.

First, prepare the tools and materials.   What you need to make 8-inches bracelet are 100 inches of hemp cord, tape, scissor, glue and clipboard. Cut your hemp cord into 3 pieces which are 10”, 20” and 70” pieces. If it already cut, then find the center of 20” and 70” piece and make a loop of it. Loop the 10” piece through the center into the 20” and 70” piece. When all the pieces is symmetric, then make a half knot with 10” piece and pull tight. Use the top clip of clipboard to lock the 10” piece. Pull the bottom of the 20” piece with a tape and leave the 70” tape dangling. It is time to knot. Separate the cord into 4 and named with alphabet. The long cord in the right is A, the two in the middle is B, and the long in the left is B. Take the cord A, bring it behind the cord B and make a loop. Do the same thing of cord C, but bring it over the cord B and through the loop of cord A. Pull it tight and repeat again. After start knotting from the right, then start knotting from the left. Keep knotting until you find your own size. After you are done knotting, tie the knot and apply a drop of glue to lock the bracelet. Your DIY bracelet is ready to wear. It can be a special gift for the special ones.

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