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by Rida Amelia Sari

We live in our culture with inducement to buy anything especially in fashion. No matter how full our clothes are, it always be “I don’t have a clothes to wear”. This culture makes us to purchase new and different items instead of stay with the previous items that we have.

Fashion is not only a clothes that we wear. Each clothes that we wear has their own purpose. At least they keep us warm and comfortable. There are many ways to see a fashion itself. Yet is it a way that people use fashion as a self expression?

Some studies indicated that wearing and purchasing clothing can be helpful to communicate a self image and identity on who are wearing it. It constructs the self expression in people that they can develop their self image and identity by purchasing and consuming fashion products. We can show what we want to be and what we actually are by purchasing and wearing some fashion products.

Sometimes how people wear their fashion can influence by the other external factor such as society, culture, and how they want to be perceived by the others.

When we go to work, sometimes there are some norms that we have to obey for wearing clothes such as dress code and how much skin should be covered and showed.

Yet, we can use fashion as a communication tool helping to reduce the distance between an individual and the society. It also can be a factor to indicate some individual’s group membership and position within a particular societal group.  

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