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by Rida Amelia Sari

The trend of fashion always changes. It come and goes. As we know, many fashion trend in the 60th century, 70th century, 80th century and 90th century has coming back in this 21st century. The taste of fashion from the society has changed. The inspiration of fashion comes from the few decades. It makes the current fashion style are a mixed bag of past decade’s fashion style. The old fashioned trends give us a lot of benefit. We don’t need to spend a lot of money to wear these items. You can find them in your mother’s wardrobe. A thrift store also provides you some old fashioned items. They also give the best price. What kind of classic fashion that has coming back?


Denim is the most popular fashion trend that being comeback in 21st century. At first it was popular in 80th century. We can see the most denim style that being popular are ripped denim. Mostly it uses on jacket and jeans. Denim also one of fashion that easy to pair.


Overall were popular among men and women. Everyone can wear it. The style is various depend on the season. There is also so many kind of overall such as short pants overall, long pants overall, skirt overall.

Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans were popular in the 90th century. Nowadays, people love to wear it. The design makes whoever who wear it feel comfortable. Mom jeans known as a high waisted jeans with a loose fitting size and tapered around the ankle. You can easily pair your mom jeans with any outfit. It suits and makes you look great.


Scrunchies is one of hair accessories that being trend in 21th century. You can make your own scrunchie using a fabric scrap. Not only make your hair to look pretty, it also help to be more sustainable and economical approach.

Bright Colors

Another old fashioned that being trend in nowadays is bright colors. It mostly seen in the shirt, t-shirt and miniskirt. The bright colors give the vibe of energetic and confidence.

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