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by Rida Amelia Sari

Technology in modern era gives us some multi-functional devices such as smartphone and smartwatch. There is also internet that increasingly faster and more power than before. With all of these headway, technology made our life easier, better, and faster.

In recent months we are having some pandemic issue which is Covid-19. This pandemic makes us to stay at home for not a short time to stay safe. Everything we do at home such as school and work. Indeed this thing gave us a negative and positive impact. Impulsive buying becomes a phenomenon at pandemic. People assume that pandemic makes them being more impulse at purchasing. Does pandemic being the influence of people who are being impulsive buying?

Not only for the technology, the growth of ecommerce also increase in modern era especially due to pandemic Covid-19. What actually triggers for people being impulsive buying? It can be some variables in the product such as the appearance of the product, the feature of the product such as the colors, smell and packaging of the product.

The influence of impulsive buying also may come from the consumer itself. As we know, buying something can give us some feeling such as pleasure and excitement. It also can relieve an uneasy feeling or depressed mood. In conclusion, we can assume that consumers can have some variable that triggered for being impulsive buying such as comforting ourselves and giving a reward through buying something.

Although the consumers might be the influence of being impulsive buying, we can still maintain to not to be impulse at purchasing. We must to be aware with the impulsive buying behavior. Sometimes buying something can please our self but that’s not for a long time. We should understand what we need when we engage some impulsive buying behavior. There is also so many healthier ways to please our self.

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