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by Rida Amelia Sari

Making something that can be sell will be fun. Sometimes it would be easy and hard to sell the product especially for handmade product. But don’t worry because there is a technology that helps us to sell our product. Nowadays there are so many marketplace in internet that help us to sell handmade product. We don’t have to put so much effort and time to set up in markets and fairs. Yet we still have to think the best way to sell our product. Here are some tips that you can try to sell your handmade product:

Social Media

Social media is the best platform to sell some product that we have. It is the biggest place to sell items through online. Every person has a social media such as instagram, facebook, twitter, etc. It is a big platform that also provides you some direct sales. Indeed they can access it so easily. They just stay at their home and make an order of the items.

Presentation of the Product

Presentation of the product will be the main influence on how people buy your product. Take the high resolution image of your product so people can imagine to have your product. The best packaging also will be the point plus of your items. If you are a lovely person, write some thank you letter to your customer for the appreciation of buying your product.

Website or Blog

Making a website or blog for a business will be very helping. It is the best way to market your product line. If you like about writing this is also the best choice for you. Yet if you don’t really like about writing, you can do some video blog. That will be a great alternative.

Learning on how to sell a handmade product carefully will give some skill and ability on selling product. It is not easy but if you put all of your effort, it will give the best impact on your business.

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