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by Rida Amelia Sari

As we know, “sustainable” is being a trend in nowadays. People begin to be aware with environmental issues. Marketing in global era makes a seller to be more creative on branding their products.  The trend of “sustainable” makes a seller to labeling their product as sustainably. Most of people use a sustainable claimed to their product of marketing.  The amount of seller who uses the claim of sustainable product makes some people have misunderstanding with the concept of sustainable product. We as a common people especially the consumer does really know what “sustainable” is? Can we identify the product as sustainably? Absolutely yes we can.

We can call the product as sustainably if the product is concluding the two main things which are ecological and social significance. And what ecological and social significance is?

Ecological Significance

Ecological means the product should involving and concerning the ecology. Ecological friendly means we concern about our environment and not trying to ruin our environment. If we talking about ecological, it means that we are taking care of our home. As a human we should understand that environment has their own risk and later it may become a disaster for us as well. One of the causes of polluting our environment is a material from a lot of products. Raw material is the most using material which may damage our environment. From time to time, the use of raw material is high on their percentage. This percentage on using raw material makes the resources of raw material become less from generation. So, changing the raw material into sustainable material is a solution for the resources because sustainable material is a material which has a big resource and can be recycled, and also the most important things is eco friendly.

Social Significance

Another thing that should be considerate to categorize a product as sustainably is social significance. In this case, the product should be explore how the product affect the society. So in this social significance, human were involved on how they managed the substance of the products, such as how they managed the material of the product, how long the material disposed in nature, and how the material recovered. Also we must not provides a hazardous substance which may caused a bad effect for the society.

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